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First Communion Dresses

First Holy Communion Dresses.

Millions of Christians worldwide celebrate the Sacrament of First Holy Communion, when a child receives the body of Christ for the first time. Catholics celebrate the Sacrament of Communion through the month of April annually, as it aligns with Passover, Easter and the renewal of spring. A communicant receives special catechism, learns prayers and undergoes the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) before they celebrate their first Holy Communion. The adults close to them help prepare the child for the privilege they will receive in the Eucharistic feast.

In Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran traditions, a child's First Holy Communion is the ceremony when that child first receives the Eucharist. Ranging from seven to thirteen years of age, the child is deemed old enough to understand the mystery and the miracle of Communion with Christ. Although the churches follow differing ceremonies, the rite of passage is evident. As the child takes the host, and the wine, they solidify their membership in the family of God. It is a day of celebration and great joy.

The Catholic Church has seven sacred sacraments. First Holy Communion is the third sacrament received. Baptism and Confession/Penance precede Communion in preparation for the indwelling of Christ in the Eucharist. A child must have reached the "age of reason" meaning they are mature enough to know right from wrong.
Children receiving Communion for the first time, are re-enacting the Lord's Last Supper with the apostles. Catholic catechism teaches, "Having become a child of God clothed with the wedding garment, the neophyte is admitted 'to the marriage supper of the Lamb' and receives the food of the new life, the body and blood of Christ."
Communion Day is a special celebration for family and friends, who welcome the child to the wedding feast of Christ through the third Sacrament.

Catholic Follows Liturgical Calendar, which begins at Advent, so the 2017 calendar is already underway. The Liturgical Calendar further provides a list of readings and Bible passages for each week, determines the color of the vestments worn by the Mass Celebrant (priest), and track the Saints individual Holy Days.

If you are planning a special event, such as Baptism or First Holy Communion, it is helpful to know some dates. April, usually close to Easter, is the customary First Holy Communion ceremony.While you plan ahead for Sacramental Rites, we can help you dress your child from head to toe, and provide all the accessories you may need. Advent began on November 27, 2016; Christmas is always December 25, continuing until January 9, 2017 with the Feast of the Three Kings.

January 10- February 28, 2017 is considered Ordinary Time. March 1, 2017, Ash Wednesday, harkens in the Season of Lent, when Catholics practice a form of repentance or obligation.Easter Season ends on June 4, the Feast of Pentecost. Be sure to check with your clergy if you have a child of Communion age. Easter will fall on April 16, so you may want to begin planning right away. Even you do not have a First Communicant, you will find a delightful array of Easter dresses for girls, and suit sets for boys.

Catholics will celebrate Ascension Thursday on May25th, and the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ on June 18. Ordinary time resumes from June 5 until December 2, 2017, and on December 3, 2017, we begin the Advent Season once more.

In honor of the privilege the child is about to receive, a special outfit is donned usually made of white, and a joyful celebration follows.Typically children are dressed in simulated wedding attire. Both boys and girls are dressed for the marriage feast.

Girls wear lovely white First Communion embroidered dresses, with Designer first communion veils and gloves to match, symbolizing the Bride of Christ. Girls traditionally dressed as brides with lavish long First communion gowns , and veil or similar head covering in obedience to God.

Boys may also wear solid white suits or even tuxedos, but often wear their best clothes or traditional garb. Kilts are popular in Scotland, and elsewhere boys don a military style uniform, complete with golden epaulettes. In Switzerland children of both genders wear plain white robes, adorned only by a wooden cross, hung around the communicants' neck. Boys wear a First communion suit, or perhaps a White tuxedo. In some cultures, the boys wear a stylized military uniform to show devotion to God.

Infant communion is practiced widely in Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches, as well as in some Anglican churches. The ritual of Holy Communion does not receive the same importance as it does in the Catholic faith, but is rather a "remembrance" of Christ's sacrifice and saving grace.
Transubstantiation is the belief that the communal elements are miraculously transformed into the very literal body and blood of Christ. Catholics, and some Protestants believe communion brings an intimate connection with the Almighty, as the believer receives His flesh and blood. This connection is divine and highly favored for Christians.
Parents and children alike, look forward to this special day with great anticipation. Following the Ceremonial Mass, families gather to celebrate in style. Special foods, beverages, and cake are traditionally served. Gifts are lavished on the Communicant, in the way of religious tokens, Bibles, prayer and Mass books, medals depicting favorite saints or even cash to help secure the child's future.

Communion Day serves to remind us of the sacrifice made by the Savior, who offered His flesh and blood, to save sinners. The bread and wine, or grape juice, is consecrated by the priest, mystically transforming the elements into the literal body and blood of Christ. The child receives the Sacrament as a sign of obedience and devotion to the Christ. 

If you are searching for something special for a First Communion recipient, we are confident we can meet your needs. Whether you are in need of an entire ensemble, or the perfect accessory we are here to help.We offer a full supply of children's clothing and accessories to complete your Holy Communion celebration. We are here to help you find the perfect dress or suit for this very special occasion. Your young one will look amazing in the many photos that will commemorate the day. Some congregations will take professional photos of each recipient. Parents may hire a professional or rely upon guests to capture the day. Regardless of how you remember it, the day will surely be unforgettable.



First Communion Dresses 2017 Collection:

There is an air of sophistication in the 2017 styles in Communion dresses. In fact, while you browse, you might forget you are not on a bridal page. Dresses are becoming stylized, making it easy to match your communicant with the right dress. Boys, too, can expect some sleek styles this year.

Not only are communion dresses becoming more fashionable, but also the fabrics and embellishments are far superior. Luxurious satin, soft chiffon, organza and silk are just a few of your options, even in the less expensive dresses.

When I was a child, there were a handful of dresses from which to choose. Now a day, the search can be exhausting with so many options! Traditional communion dresses have been lacy, with frills or a sash, representing innocence. This year look for sleeker, more grown-up options. Illusion necklines and retro styling are popular this year, making for some glamorous ensembles.

You will also find classic couture, with little, or no, embellishments. These dresses do not need augmentation; the design is enough.

Many girls enjoy the princess look, and would be thrilled with a twirl-able skirt, and some pretty embroidery, or beadwork. Others want bling! Bling you will find on several of the 2017 gowns.  Don't be surprised to find sequins, rhinestones or layers of lace to spruce up the dresses a bit. Intricate beading and embroidery can turn a simple design into a work of art.

While the tradition has always required the child wear all white, but the times are changing, and you might see some tiny splashes of color this year, especially as sashes or accessories.

Boys have a greater selection in 2017 than in recent years, and style is proving popular. Who says only girls want to be fashionable? Boy's wear white, as do the girls, and this year there seems to be a wider range of options.

Some boys do not like the restriction of wearing a jacket. He will look polished in a white tuxedo shirt and tie. As with the girl's options, boys can also opt for a cummerbund or vest with a bit of color. Ivory suits bring an acceptable replacement, unless there are purists in your midst.

Choose from a simple, yet elegant suit, or splurge on a true tuxedo. You can purchase a boy's tuxedo for less than the cost to rent one! Tuxedo styles for communicants range from simple single or double-breasted options to elaborate tuxedoes with tails.

Your special communicant will look adorable in any of the new 2017 offerings.