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First Communion Veils

First Communion Veils

There are only a handful of days in a young girl's life that are as meaningful and important as her First Holy Communion. As the bride of Christ, young communicants come dressed in purity, symbolized by her all white gown, shoes and veil. The veil has become a focal point of a girl’s First Communion. These lovely adornments are the icing on the cake of her attire. A veiled communicant displays reverence for God, as if she is a bride to Christ. It is an honor for a woman to veil herself when she is praying to her lord. Prayer is a special privilege, allowing Christians to speak directly to the Lord. It is the means we employ to seek forgiveness for transgressions, make special requests for specific circumstances, and to praise God. When a child prepares for their own First Holy Communion, it is important that they gain a deeper understanding of what prayer means to them as a child of the Most High. For Catholics, the Sacrament of Confession comes first. Preparing for confession, children learn the Act of Contrition. This prayer of repentance prepares the Communicant to receive the body and blood of Christ, in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

In addition to the Act of Contrition, a prayer for hope and confidence will help guide the child on their new path. Other prayers for hope remind children that Jesus is their refuge and comfort in times of trouble. These prayers usually include some form repentance, so the children learn they must always trust God to forgive their trespasses.

Other pre-communion prayers include those proclaiming the intentions and direction the Communicant will take. Asking for the guidance of the Godhead, the child focuses on the importance of Jesus sacrifice and reminds them they are about to receive the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus, which will forever remain within them.
The adults preparing a youngster for the Sacrament of Holy Communion also recite prayers petitioning the Lord to help them to be good examples, and to teach them with zeal and accuracy. St. Tarcisius provided us with these simple words, "…keep safe the children who are making their first Communion." Many church communities ask that all the believers pray for Communicants, as it is considered the most holy of the Sacraments.
As such, we go to great lengths to ensure the day is as special as the First Communicant is, in the eyes of God. We dress the children in the white of purity, and we gift them with prayer books, rosaries, and other religious reminders of this event. To free you up for the more important things, we have an enormous selection of suits, dresses, veils, and accessories from which to choose. One stop shopping has never been easier, even for those hard to find items on your list.

The Sacred Table is a short appeal, which is recited by the Communicant, their families, and friends:
Divine Savior,
we come to Your sacred table
to nourish ourselves,
not with bread but with Yourself,
true Bread of eternal life.
Help us daily to make a good and perfect meal
of this divine food.
Let us be continually refreshed
by the perfume of Your kindness and goodness.
May the Holy Spirit fill us with His Love.
Meanwhile, let us prepare a place
for this holy food by emptying our hearts.

We know how much little girls enjoy wearing their special veils, and we have designed several styles to fit different tastes and budgets. We use the most delicate laces and the most dazzling of accessories. Pearl crowns with billowing layers of lace remain ever popular. Satin veils create a stunning look, especially when paired with an elegant dress. Some girls prefer tiaras made of shimmering rhinestones, or floral wreaths gilded with ribbons or lace. We would rather give you quality at affordable prices so every little girl can hold her head high, covered discretely by her beautiful communion veil. Our prices may be cheap, but our quality never is. Find your princess the veil of her dreams. She deserves it.