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Communion Dresses on Sale

What is the Eucharist?

The Eucharist is the sacred rite, reenacting Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples. Christians follow the command of the Lord Savior, "Do this in memory of me." Communion, as it is also called, is the sacrament that allows Christians to interact with the Living God.

Many churches use conventional bread and wine or grape juice, which is broken and distributed to the believer. Catholics still use unleavened bread, shaped into the form of a host, literally translated to body, as the priest will consecrate the elements into the physical body and blood of Christ. This is the celebration of the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

The term Eucharist comes from the Greek word for thanksgiving. Every Catholic Mass is a celebration of thanks to the risen Christ for His enduring sacrifice. As a Sacrament, the Eucharist is the third of seven rites that may occur in a devout Catholic's lifetime. Preceding First Holy Communion, children receive the Sacrament of Baptism, and the Sacrament of Penance/ Confession, that prepare them and make them ready to receive the body and blood of Christ.

First Holy Communion is a major step in the life of a young Christian who is entering a new phase of religious life. Many consider Communion an outward display of God's grace in the heart, helping us grow more like Jesus.

Each Sacrament is an important step in obedience and garners grace for the recipient. Most Roman Catholics will receive five or six of the Sacraments: Baptism, Confession, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage and hopefully the Anointing of the Sick before death. The seventh is Holy Orders taken by Catholic clergy only.

The Eucharist is a privilege, and as such, requires some form of spiritual preparation. Catholics must fast for at least one hour prior to the Liturgy of the Mass. Exceptions are made for those with special medical needs. Confession is also required to make one's self free of sin before accepting the Lord into their body.

Some Christian churches will perform Confirmation simultaneously with Communion, and others combine Baptism in the mix as well. Infant dedication can provide the first three Sacraments at once.

One distinction between Eucharistic celebrations of differing denominations is the concept of open or closed Communion. Open Communion allows all believers to share in the feast, while closed Communion requires the recipient to be strictly in line with the ordinances of that church. The frequency of the Communal Table may also vary. Catholics celebrate the Eucharist at every Mass. Most Catholics attend church weekly, or even daily. Many churches celebrate Communion on a monthly basis, while others still require Communion only once or twice a year. Many Evangelicals prepare family Communion each day.

While Catholics are faithful to the belief that Christ enters the elements of Communion bread and wine, some Christian sects believe Christ is present in essence only. Many churches feel Communion is a symbolic union with the Christ only. Regardless of your faith, First Holy Communion is an important and auspicious event.


First Communion Favors

Few celebrations match the importance of a child's First Holy Communion. This is the day they will receive the Eucharist - the body and blood of Christ. Family and friends will gather to share your joy and acknowledge the magnitude of the day.

First Communion favors are a popular way to share a memento with those who shared the day. Customarily guests will bring gifts of religious significance to the Eucharistic recipient to aid them on their journey forward. It has become more popular to return such gracious gifts with a favor designed to be a reminder of this special day.

Favors come in many shapes, sizes, and substance.  The variety is almost staggering with favors ranging from edibles to miniature Bibles, toys to rosaries, key chains to wall plaques. Trying to choose can be a daunting task.

Even if you are on a strict budget, there are favors that can let your guests know how much they mean to you, without breaking the bank. Most guests do not expect to receive anything, but the pleasure of sharing the Sacrament with your child. Imagine their delight when they receive a heartfelt token of gratitude for their presence!

Websites such as Pinterest have hundreds of ideas for favors that you can make at home, or purchase online. Favors can be a simple bookmark, or an engraved keepsake. It will depend on your style and budget, but there are certain to be ideas that fit your purpose.

As you consider other important purchases, such as the perfect suit or gown, you will be pleased to see the wide variety of styles we offer at Noori Dresses. We know every child has unique styles and tastes and you will be sure to find something for your child. As you browse our selection, you will become inspired by new styles and fabrics, which can help you set the mood for the entire day.

As you determine the theme or fashion you wish to follow, you can choose favors that will compliment what your child will wear. Pair elaborate gowns with elaborate favors, or go simple yet elegant with cotton. With hundreds of dresses available, and all the accessories you will need we are sure you will find inspiration here, at a price you can afford.

At Noori Dresses, we strive to create an unforgettable First Holy Communion experience for each child. You may be surprised at how much budget you have left for favors once you buy from us.