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Boys First Communion Outfit

Unique First Communion Gifts

Every family has First Communion traditions, but when it comes to gift giving, everyone wants their gift to be unique and special to Communicant.  We hope our gift becomes a treasured memento that will forever remind them of your love.

Standard Communion gifts include religious medals, with a favorite or patron saint embossed and hung on a chain or fastener to be worn on the special morning. Some people prefer to give cash, and others may hand down a family heirloom, such as a family Bible or Prayer Book.

Today there are innumerable choices of appropriate presents, but if you use your imagination, you can still find that perfect gift. Depending upon your budget, the sky is the limit. Here are a few suggestions:

Rosaries, especially if blessed by the Pope, are a very singular sort of thing that not everyone has access to. Even if you haven't been to Rome lately, thanks to the Internet, you can have one shipped to you. Some come with carrying case that can be engraved with the child's name and the date of their First Holy Communion. Some rosary cases are embellished with an image of the Eucharistic host and a Chalice, to signify the date.

Any keepsake from the Holy Land makes a wonderful and memorable gift. The Eucharistic Feast completes the Gospel promise of salvation. Mustard seed jewelry, Holy Water from the Jordan River, elegantly handcrafted wall plaques, or woodwork are good bets. Some of the sites may offer pieces of the cross or stones from the tomb, but sadly we cannot always rely on the suppliers to be selling what they claim. For that reason, we suggest you find something unique that will appeal to the child.

Consider the child's personality when making your selection. Sometimes a stuffed animal with an embroidered message is a better choice than a personalized Communion photo frame. From toys to treasures, the selection can be overwhelming.  Good choices for girls include jewelry, jewelry boxes, figurines, or engraved religious literature. Boys can proudly wear a crucifix on their neck, or get good use from a special rosary. Keepsake boxes also work for boys, perhaps with a photo of the day. Personalized t-shirts or other clothing can also make a unique and outstanding choice.

Check out confectioners, and candy makers. You can have candy wrappers personalized for the Communicant, or even get personalized M&M's. Don't be afraid to think out of the box. Sites such as pinterest or etsy offer terrific exclusive gifts that can be surprisingly affordable.  Take your time, and you will be sure to find the ideal First Holy Communion gift.

First Holy Communion Parties

It is a special day, indeed, when a child receives their First Holy Communion. Following the solemnity of the Eucharistic Mass, a joyful celebration is customary. This reception for the Communicant is a welcome party to the next phase of their Christian upbringing.

Friends, relatives and Godparents gather for joyous parties, food and frivolity. If you are planning a party for a child in your life, we are here to help you plan.  First, choose a venue. Many people have homes that will accommodate several guests. Some churches offer a hall or event space, but you may be expected to share it if it is a group Communion. Since April is the primary month for First Communion, the weather may prevent outdoor parties, but if you live in warmer regions, a park or picnic ground can be a fun choice. Some of these venues may require a fee, so check first and don't be discouraged if your budget is tight. There are free event spaces if you look.

Food is another major consideration. You will have friends and family who have fasted prior to church, sat through a full Mass, and are now ready to chow down. Finger foods are perfectly acceptable, but some families go the extra mile and cater a full sit down dinner. If you have a few good cooks in your inner circle, you can consider asking for help, or go potluck. People will not care what they are fed, as long as they are fed. Don't forget to plan beverages, too. Alcohol is optional, but you should provide water, soft drinks, or punch to quench thirst.

You will need dry goods, such as tablecloths, plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups. Paper plates come in several Fist Communion styles, or choose any Christian designed plates. Generally, retailers sell napkins, and other accessories to match. If you are going formal, rent china and glasses. Many caterers offer both.

Centerpieces and balloons go a long way to make any party festive, and a cake for the Communicant is customary.  Personalize the cake to the child, and consider your guest count when ordering.

Photo booths, themed or otherwise, can be set up for everyone to have a remembrance of this sacred day. Consider the funny mustaches and other mask-like items on a stick that can be used in tandem with the photo booth to lighten the mood.

A desert bar or Sunday station is a fun option. Guests can create their own desert, or fill a bag with candies to take home with them. Bubbles and novelties are available for every occasion, even First Holy Communion.

Do not forget to send formal invitations to all your guests. Do not assume they know about it. Even if they do, they may not realize the day has come, or fast approaches. While many parents send invitations similar to those for a wedding, a less formal party invitation with RSVP information is sufficient.

The most important thing is that the Communicant and you have fun. Don't put too much pressure on for photos, or family time. If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, your guests will, too.